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Stressed Employees are Expensive Employees

Learn how to improve your employees’ health, happiness, and productivity while simultaneously improving your bottom line.

Free Resources and Recommendations

Here are some free websites and recommended books that contain powerful principles that can help your employees reduce their financial and relational stress.

Financial Stress
  • This site covers a wide range of financial topics (insurance, credit cards, personal finance, taxes, etc.). These topics are covered in such a way that the concepts are easily understood.
  • This site shares practical advice regarding personal finance. It covers such items as savings, investing, credit score, and more. It has been featured on a variety of trusted media websites like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and MSN Money.
  • This website focuses on such topics as earning, donating, spending, and saving money in wise ways. This blog features a wide variety of content.
  • While there are many budgeting tools and apps on the market, Mint is one of the most popular. This free tool is quite user-friendly. With Mint your employees are able to sync to their bank accounts, loans, credit card, and investment accounts.
  • This site is government-operated. It features information regarding saving, borrowing, spending, and investing. This resource also focuses on protecting your money (a helpful and somewhat unique resource).
Relational Stress
  • The Gottman Institute Dr. John Gottman is one of the most renowned marriage researches in the world. Along with his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman, he founded the Gottman Institute. Their blog articles are grounded in research and the principles they share can help couples improve their marriage.
  • This site was founded on the idea that relationships are an essential part of life. While there is a plethora of opinion-based articles and videos founded on fine-line, the site focuses on research and scientific evidence.
  • Psych Central publishes articles that are centered on research and science. Thus, this site is a compilation of credible articles that can help couples improve their relationship.
  • I co-founded this blog with my Colleague (Dr. Tim Rarick). These blog articles are short, fun, and full of practical, research-based principles that can help couples and families. This website primarily focuses on marriage and parenting.
  • Dr. John Van Epp and his daughter Dr. Morgan Cutlip focus on developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Their goal is to help single individuals take charge of their dating and avoid wasting time in “dead-end” relationships. They also focus on staying in love once in a good relationship.
Recommended Text
  • Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover I like Dave Ramsey’s practical approach and have my university students read his book, The Total Money Makeover for one of my courses. The book is well written and full of practical advice that could help your employees reduce their financial stress.
  • Personal Finance by Garman & Forgue I have also used this book when I have taught Money Management. This is an actual college textbook and goes into more depth on more financial issues. While it is not as quick or easy of a read as the Ramsey book, I endorse this text as well.
  • Dr. John Gottman’s Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work This book is a good investment. Not only does this book contain many sound relationship principles for your employees, but there are helpful questions that couples can work through together as they read the book.
  • Take Back Your Marriage by Dr. Doherty I have also been using this text in my university courses. He offers a different, but equally helpful, perspective on marriage. I recommend this text as well.
  • How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk by Dr. John Van Epp Finally, for your employees who are not currently married, this is a terrific resource for helping individuals use their head (not just their heart) as they select a spouse. This is also a good read.

An Accelerated Path to Results

For those interested in a faster, research-based path to helping your employees and improving your bottom line, I invite you to watch this brief video.

As I’ve applied the principles from this course (The Social Science Solution), I have been able to make some quick and easy changes that have helped me be more confident and intentional with my finances and my relationship with my husband. Not only is the information valuable, but the videos and content are fun and engaging!

Ashley (Idaho)

Course Details

The Social Science Solution is a virtual course comprised of short, engaging videos, expert interviews, and powerful application activities that can help your employees improve their financial and relational health.

Check out these two videos for a sneak peek​ inside the course.

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